Vitargo Carboloader 2 Kg

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2,5 cupe in 400-500 ml apa.

Vitargo Carboloader
Body builders have found it massively beneficial to use Vitargo Carbloader after workouts to rapidly refuel glycogen stores and thus improve protein synthesis meaning more muscle building. Vitargo’s unique formula means that it can be digested far more quickly and easily than other inferior carbohydrates that often lead to bloating, uncomfortable stomach and cramps.

Depletion of carbohydrates also leads to reduction in strength. This is why Vitargo has become popular with the powerlifting and Olympic lifting community. Carbloader ensures that even when training very intensely you will have enough energy to power through even the toughest sessions.

According to nutritionist an athlete weighing 70 – 75 kg needs 600g of soluble carbohydrates a day for three days prior to competition. To obtain this one would have to eat 5kg of potatoes per day. This is not only unappetising but also highly impractical.

More protein is synthesis to muscle when combined with carbohydrate. The quickest and most effective way to get this is to use Vitargos unparalleled products.


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