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Scitec Nutrition’s powerful pre-workout energy and pump concentrate, the Pow3rd!, will be available soon!

Our formula is ultra-concentrated! It contains only active and truly effective compounds – without any sugar and other fillers.

Each serving of Pow3rd! provides the efficient blend of the following active ingredients:

-          Creatine monohydrate – the most proven and widely discussed performance enhancing compound – with several benefits for strength and endurance athletes and even for everyday people as well.

-          Caffeine – the safest and most effective energizing agent – with a wide array of physical and mental benefits.

-          Beta-Alanine – an acid buffer which (through boosting the synthesis of carnosine) increases muscular strength, anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays muscular fatigue.

-          Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – a nitric oxide (NO) booster, as a precursor to nitric oxide - it dilates blood vessels leading to great pumps – increased blood flow means that more nutrients will reach the trained muscle and the fatigue by-products will be flushed out faster and more efficiently.

-          Citrulline Malate – the „aerobic creatine” and effective NO-booster – increases aerobic energy production and delays fatigue – reduces lactic acid and ammonia build up, and speeds muscle recovery.

-          Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine – the newest and most effective NO-booster – in a different way from arginine-pathway – and as a carnitine derivative plays important role in fat-metabolism and energy production – one of the most promising supplement ingredients.

-          Rhodiola Rosea extract – a traditional adaptogen -  enhances physical and mental performance, reduces fatigue and improves mood by targeting and inhibiting the enzymes responsible for decreasing the serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels.

With this high-tech blend everyone can be truly Pow3rd! in an instant for maximum weights, as well as for great endurance efforts.

Due to the highly concentrated form each container provides 50 servings!  


Suplimentele alimentare se recomandă exclusiv persoanelor sănătoase, cu vârste între 18-55 ani. Nu se administrează gravidelor sau femeilor care alăptează. A nu se lăsa la îndemâna copiilor. A nu se depăşi doza zilnică recomandată. Folosirea acestui supliment alimentar nu înlocuieşte dieta normală. A se consuma, de preferinţă, până la sfârşitul perioadei menţionate pe ambalaj. A se păstra la loc uscat şi răcoros.

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